Format Date according to User’s Date Format.


Quite recently, I faced an issue wherein I have to push some calculated date(based on some algo) to the date field on EditView of a custom module.

My custom function calculated date in dd/mm/yyyy format but the user can have any possible date formats defined by SugarCRM.

Before pushing my calculated date i need to format this date according to user’s settings.

I came through this intelligent post from Johndope

I did little modifications in the code and hurray it solved my problem.

global $current_user; // Instantiate the TimeDate Class
$timeDate = new TimeDate();
$sampleDate = '2014-08-28'; // Sample date.
// Call the function
$FormatedDate = $timeDate->to_display_date($sampleDate, true, true, $current_user);
echo "Date->".$FormatedDate;
//If you want to get time too use the following code.
$sampleDateTime = '2014-08-28 08:00:00'; // Sample date.
// Call the function
$FormatedDateTime = $timeDate->to_display_date_time($sampleDateTime, true, true, $current_user);
echo "DateTime->".$FormatedDateTime;




HOWTO: Using the bean instead of SQL all the time.

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Editor’s Note: This has become one of the most popular posts on the developer blog, so thank you everyone for your interest.

Do note that if you are using Sugar 6.3 or later, check out this post for an even easier way to load beans.

I had one of our community members who likes to “keep us honest” call me out the other day on Twitter…

And he was referring to a post we did where we did some raw SQL queries in the code example. I’ve updated the code examples since then to be correct. And Jeff don’t worry, as you rightfully so called us out on slipping a bit from our normal quality here :-).

But to start off, why is this important? Here’s a few reasons…

  • Code portability. Even the most conservative SQL code can have issues on a DB you haven’t tested you add-on against. If…

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SugarCRM Cookbook – SugarQuery – The Basics

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You have found yourself in a bind, and you need to query the database directly. There is no other recourse than to write a query to get the data you need. This cookbook entry is going to give you some examples on how to use our new SugarQuery API instead of direct SQL.

1. What is SugarQuery?

SugarQuery is a SQL query builder for retrieving data directly from the database.  It is used extensively within the core of the application.  For instance, the FilterAPI uses it.

It uses a bean, the beans relationships, and visibility models to build a SQL query that can be used to retrieve data.

2. The Basics

SugarQuery has a very simple interface for building queries.

The basic methods you will need to create a query are:

  • select($fields) – accepts an array of fields you would like to select
  • from($bean) – validates the query against a SugarBean at generation
  • where()…

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