HOWTO: Create a Flex Relate for other modules

Sugar Developer Blog - SugarCRM

You may recall seeing this field in the various activity modules in Sugar:

This is what’s known as the “Flex Relate” field, which allows you to relate a record to one in a different module that you specify. This allows you to create a relationship where the target entity is flexible, which allows you to represent all sorts of business logic clearly. A great example of this the various activity entities in the app ( Calls, Meetings, Tasks ), which make it so you can relate the activity to one of many different record types.

The only downside of this field, is there’s no good way to build it using Module Builder or Studio ( or least in a very useful way ). However, it’s a pretty easy code customization you can do which is upgrade-safe. Let’s look at how.

We’ll assume we made a new custom module via Module…

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