Disable Edit Link from ListView

SugarCRM module’s List View comes with default options like an edit view link and  a checkbox besides it.

Many times users feels a need to hide the link and/or checkbox.However this cannot be done from SugarCRM admin panel,but you can do it if you have access to its files.

Create a file called view.list.php at custom/modules/{module}/views/view.list.php and write the code below.If you have the file view.list.php at
modules/{module}/views/ copy it to custom/modules/{module}/views else create a new one in custom.

Write the below code therein.

class {module}ViewList extends ViewList
    function {module}ViewList()
    function Display()
        $this->lv->quickViewLinks = false; // Removes Edit View Link
        $this->lv->multiSelect = false; //    Removes Check Box     








2 thoughts on “Disable Edit Link from ListView

  1. Thank u for ur post , it’s very interesting, i want to do like that but with condition , means i want to disable Edit Link and checkboxes from ‘CONTRACTS’ ListView, if the status of contract is signed.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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