Test your addon on SugarCRM On-Demand.


Sugar On-Demand comes with a lot of module loader restrictions which might make your module installation a complete failure.I faced the same issue when installing the addon I created and installing it on Sugar On-Demand.

You have created a great module but will it work on Sugar On-Demand is big damn question.

Thankfully you can test this on your local SugarCRM environment and save the programming and support time later.

You just need to set package scanner  to be true.

To do this simply add the following line to your config_override.php file.

$sugar_config['moduleInstaller']['packageScan'] = true;


Now when you you install the package it will work same as it will do it on Sugar On-Demand version.

It will then return all the issues found in the package that makes it incompatible with On-Demand version.






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